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Our Build Process

  1. Loan: Unless you have the cash on hand to build your custom home,  you will need a construction loan. We suggest you start this research early and determine your pre-approval limit prior to meeting with us. This saves everyone a lot of time.
  2. Initial Consultation: To understand the client’s needs, thoughts, ideas, timeline and budget.
  3. Engineering: The client determines the final house plan and begins the architectural design if not already completed.
  4. Budget Proposal: Upon completion of the architectural design, selections and specifications, a budget proposal is provided.
  5. Contract: Client and Jordan Homes of NC enter into construction contract.
  6. Deposit: Typically 15-20% of estimated project cost.
  7. Assemble Team: Jordan Homes of NC puts together your team of build professionals. We do not use tradespeople we do not have a trusted relationship with. Using a client’s family member/friend to save costs typically creates delays and budget overages and is at the discretion of the builder.
  8. Material Selection: Client makes selections of the main finish items, such as windows, roofing material, interior doors and trim, cabinet styles, tiles, countertops, lighting, plumbing, etc.
  9. Project Complete: Our team of professionals will ensure every detail is finalized, from punch-out to warranty.
  10. Post Construction: Jordan Homes of NC provides a one-year builder’s warranty. This covers workmanship, distribution systems (heating & plumbing) and building materials for one year after closing.

Some Fees That May Be Incurred By You

Some or all of these fees will be included, if needed, in your overall project price.

  1. Architectural
  2. Tree and topography survey of your home lot site
  3. A survey that shows the home, sidewalk, and driveway on your site for a new home or addition/remodel projects
  4. Structural engineer
  5. Soil testing
  6. Septic/well design
  7. Permits
  8. Landscape architect
  9. Overhead & builder’s fee