3 Features All Custom Homes Should Have

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There are so many advantages that come with building a custom home! Whether you are looking to create your dream home or you are anxious to create a home that doesn’t feel like every other house on the block, custom homes are a great way to get the most out of a space and floor plan. Here at Jordan Homes of NC, we love building custom homes and have decades of experience doing so. During our time, we have discovered that there are a few features that your custom home plan should include.

3 Features All Custom Homes Should Have

  1. Fabulous Kitchen Features. If you are going to go through the time and effort of building a custom home, do the most with the kitchen with some fabulous new features. Whether this is custom or semi-custom cabinetry or something else, make sure there are some wonderful details that your inner chef will love, such as a pot filler, in-cabinet hidden spice rack, double ovens, ice maker, etc.
  2. Storage, Storage, Storage. One of the things that is frustrating about many builder homes is their lack of storage and organization. You can have a decent-sized home that feels cluttered because everything is disorganized. Plan for a mud room, lots of closets, and organization that makes the most of garage features.
  3. Green Features. A comfortable home in size is just one piece of the puzzle– choosing green features like extra insulation, quality windows, an efficient HVAC system and a good roof will go a long way to saving you money every month of the year.

These are just some of the features that can be great for custom homes. To learn more or to give us a few ideas, give us a call today!