Five Things to Look for When Hiring a Building Contractor [infographic]

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Selecting the right building contractor may be the most important decision you make during the home building process. Hiring a building contractor who is inexperienced or has a bad customer satisfaction history can be a nightmare to deal with. There are five things that we recommend you look for when hiring a building contractor:

  1. Experience – Experience in the business is vital when hiring building contractors. They should have experience in building the specific type and style of home you are looking for. When a home builder has a long line of experience, they are most likely able to provide you with a higher-quality build.

Five Things to Look for When Hiring a Building Contractor

  1. References and Reputation – Look into the building contractor’s references and reviews, and ask around regarding their reputation. You can learn a lot about a builder by asking and looking into their work history and what their previous clients have to say about them.
  2. Licensed – You will only want to work with building contractors who are licensed. This shows that they are qualified to build homes.
  3. Building time – You will want to ask any home builder how long it will take them to build your home. You are likely not wanting to wait a year to have your home built. Also, ask the home builder how many other houses they will be building at the same time.
  4. Cost – Of course the cost of your future home is a very important part of the building process. You will want to select a building contractor who fits in to your budget. Going with the least expensive building contractor isn’t always the best idea.

Five Things to Look for When Hiring a Building Contractor

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