Our home building projects are where our expertise truly shines.

Building beautiful custom homes is what we do best here at Jordan Homes of NC! Over the years, we have taken on home building projects of all types and sizes, and we are proud of each and every home that we have carefully designed and built.


Before you choose us as your home builder, we ask that you do one thing – review our past projects to get a better feel for our capabilities and talents as a home builder. As you do so, you will find that our projects boast a level of quality hard to find in the home building industry and that we work hard to build homes that make the occupants feel right at home day in and day out.

You will also discover that our home building projects are versatile in terms of style, size, and function. For example, we can build you a smaller home around 1,700 square feet or a larger one as big as 3,300 square feet. Our past projects speak to the fact that we listen to our clients and do whatever it takes to give them what they need and want in their home.

At Jordan Homes of NC, we’re excited to talk to you more about the prospect of building your next home in Brown Summit, North Carolina! To find out more about our former projects or our home building options, get in touch with us today.

At Jordan Homes of NC, we serve those in Greensboro, Brown Summit, Winston-Salem, and High Point, North Carolina.