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We can design and construct beautiful craftsman homes for our clients.

Craftsman homes became popular at the turn of the 20th century, following the popularity of the 19th-century Victorian-style homes that showed off over-the-top details and the advancement of American manufacturing. The Craftsman movement emphasizes handmade goods over mass-produced items, including homes that are beautifully constructed and designed. Some of the credit for this movement is given to Gustav Stickley, an immigrant furniture maker who promoted the style in his early 20th century magazine, “The Craftsman.” The craftsman architectural style gained significant momentum in California, thanks to the designs of Henry and Charles Greene, architects and brothers.

Craftsman Homes in Greensboro, North Carolina

Craftsman homes have several key features that make them stand out. The first is triangular, low-pitched roofs that extend beyond the exterior walls. The roof may also include exposed rafters or beams. As a result, many of the homes built in this style feature spacious porches on the front or rear, along with columns surrounding the outdoor space. In the past, craftsman-style homes also featured painted wood siding, but stone and stucco accents have been added as well, emphasizing earth tones. Interior elements include thick trim around windows and doors, built-in shelves and seats, and open-concept floor plans.

At Jordan Homes of NC, we can design and construct beautiful craftsman homes for our clients. We work closely with those in and around Greensboro, North Carolina to create dream homes, and we can help you create one with the elements you’ve always wanted in your living space. If your dream includes a craftsman-style home, why wait? Contact us to learn more about our construction process.

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