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Our custom construction means you don’t have to compromise on the features you want the most.

Just as you wouldn’t feel confident if the clothing you had on didn’t fit correctly, it can be difficult to feel an attachment to a home that doesn’t “fit” your personality, lifestyle, or needs. If you have looked at countless existing properties and even floorplans for new construction only to be disappointed, custom construction is the solution. At Jordan Homes of NC, we are strong believers that a house only becomes a home when it fits like a glove.

Custom Construction in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

We can’t help but wonder if there would be more happy people in the world if everyone could have the place that they spend most of their time customized to their needs. We are working on fulfilling that goal one Winston-Salem, North Carolina family at a time by providing an affordable custom construction solution. We will work with you on all the aspects of your home’s design, including size, layout, features, and the finishing touches that make it perfect for you and your family.

With our decades of experience and ability to streamline the custom construction process, we have been able to impart affordability into our projects. Without sacrificing quality, we can create a custom home for you that is no more costly than what you would spend on a comparable existing home. You get the features you want and you don’t inherit someone else’s problems. There is so much joy involved in watching your vision come to life and knowing you are the only family to ever live in your home.

Reach out today to learn more about our custom construction process and get started on the dream home that you and your family are dreaming about.

At Jordan Homes of NC, we offer custom construction services for those in Greensboro, Brown Summit, Winston-Salem, and High Point, North Carolina.